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We collaborate through the model of the Green Circle to analyze challenges, design stakeholder maps, and gather them around one circle to agree on the challenge. Our aim is to reach solutions that contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, we work on creating feasibility studies for investment in such solutions to create shared value and impact.

developmental goal


developmental goal

Reaching results begins with deep understanding.

We work with communities that have abundant resources and fertile opportunities to analyze challenges and understand their cultural, human, and social dimensions. This enables us to describe and predict change.
Leading sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow.

The Green Circle project brings together stakeholders from various sectors to agree on unified objectives.
We stimulate a shared working environment and empower communities

One of the main objectives of the Green Circle model is to create a common working environment and enable communities to be a significant part of sustainable solutions.
Sustainable opportunities, your green choice.

Through the Green Circle model, we transform these solutions into investment opportunities that enable correct decision making at all times."
Your journey to create a green circle
Choose a development issue
You can apply to work for a green circle for any development or community issue, such as (working women’s life balance - cleanliness of bathrooms in public places)
Create an account
Create an account on the Green Circle website
Submission of the application
Fill out the application form Attach the case file and its details Book an appointment
Problem analysis
Understanding the field and the sector Problem analysis Knowledge transfer Presentation of the theory of change model
Identifying stakeholders Gathering stakeholders Stakeholder workshops Stakeholder map Communication campaigns with stakeholders
suggested solutions
Designing appropriate solutions Design workshops for appropriate solutions Sessions and workshops with experts
Investment opportunities
Designing investment opportunities presentation
Green Circle Experts
Muhammad Saleh Al-Sultan
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Amani Saeed Al-Shaalan
An expert in the field of sustainability, 20 years of experience in the business and corporate sectors, a leader in the non-profit sector and solutions.
Abdullah Saad Mohsen
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Maria Ahmed Al-Attas
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